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A Great Resource March 4, 2009

Posted by robewanow in Job Search.
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As my career search enters its third month I continue to meet with more and more people each week.  Currently I am averaging 6 face-to-face meetings a week with a goal of 10 a week.  This is no easy task as it requires a specific amount of activity each day in order to help attain that goal.  This is really no different than a sales person working to make quota; you have to keep the pipeline full.  Some in your pipeline will pan out, some will not so you need to identify your “close rate” which will lead you to how many people you need to contact in order to secure 10 meetings.

I have a pretty good idea of what I need to do each week to get to that magic number but I am always looking to improve my process, make it more efficient, get more done in my day. (Which by the way has stretched to an average of 12 hrs per day “working” on securing my next opportunity)

I recently read a post on one of the LinkedIn groups I belong to which presented a very concise email you can send to folks you are targeting for a networking meeting.  After I reviewed the letter I began to think it might work better than what I currently use.  It is much shorter and to the point, which as a marketing communications guy I can appreciate.  I plan to start using it with my next wave of warm referral emails.

I began to poke around the site this post referenced and found it to be quite informative both for the experienced networker/job seeker or the neophyte.  The site is called Candidates Chair and is billed as Job Search from a Candidates Perspective. This is a most unique approach and a welcome change as most info you see is from the other side of the desk – the hiring manager.

Check out the site, I hope you find it useful.

Until next week…

Looking to laugh a little?  Then check out this You Tube Video, if you are a Baby Boomer or Gen X’er you will appreciate it.


1. Mark Richards - March 5, 2009

Rob –

What a gracious set of comments for my site. I am very flattered.

I went through a long transition and found the best advice came from current and former job seekers

I’ve run a job transition group for the last two years and saw other candidates seeking the same.

So I took the experiences of 600+ networking meetings and put them in one spot to offer job search from a candidate’s point of view – or chair with one simple goal: Help current candidates shorten their search by learning from others (especially my mistakes).

To you number of meetings a week – 10 is a good goal – take a look at the Daily Point System in the tools section.

Your comments are truly appreciated. All the best in your search and all of your readers.

Best regards,

Mark Richards
Founder – CandidatesChair.com, CFO, and as of Jan 2009 – Job seeker!

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