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Coffee Shops, Bagel Joints and Bakeries Thrive March 24, 2009

Posted by robewanow in Job Search.

If you are unemployed like me your are most likely setting up a bunch of networking meetings in the hopes of expanding your network which eventually leads you to the untapped, unadvertised job market which presents your next career opportunity. If your not doing this YOU SHOULD!! Get on it!!

I maintain a fairly rigid schedule of 8-10 meetings per week. This has afforded me the “opportunity” to visit just about every coffee shop, bakery, and bagel joint within a 20 mile radius of my home. Yes, I even get to meet with people at the office from time to time which is not only refreshing but also quite gracious on the part of the folks I am meeting with; its almost like being invited into someones home.

As I’ve visited these coffee houses etc I’ve noticed a “sub-culture” if you will. It seems as if each table has 2 people usually with notepad, pen, paper, folders, and of course coffee and a bagel or other food related item involved in some type of business discussion. No doubt many of these are employed folks conducting business but I would venture a guess that the majority are folks are in transition like me, like you.

After a while these places become our second home, we feel a comfort level much as we did when we went to our former place of work. In some cases it becomes our surrogate office. This fact is reinforced by the number of people you see with laptops diligently working away, taking advantage of the free wi-fi connections so common at these places. Again many are employed, perhaps as freelance professionals others I am sure are looking for their next opportunity.

While Americans are cutting back and saving wherever possible coffee shops continue to thrive by providing a safe refuge for the un or underemployed. We always seem to hear the doom-and-gloom stories but as I have read so many times, many businesses thrive and some are even born out of recession. Ever heard of Microsoft?

Until next week….


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