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A Tool For Your Toolbox April 8, 2009

Posted by robewanow in Job Search.

There are many tools a job seeker should have in their toolbox.  Some are obvious like a resume, networking profile (aka marketing plan), business cards, a network of contacts and target companies.

Most of these are easy to put together; there are abundant resources on the web, through outplacement services or local networking organizations like The August Group here in Rochester.

Focusing on your target list of companies for a moment.  One of the most common questions job seekers hear is, “where do you want to work?”  This is perhaps the easiest way for your network contact to help you out by providing names in these target companies.

How do you find out who these companies are?  Where they are located?  My search has focused on small to mid-size companies with  300 or fewer employees with the “sweet spot” being companies with 5-150 employees.  many of these companies are privately held and fly below the radar due to their size which makes finding them a bit of a detective mission.

Here are some suggestions which will make your detective mission a bit easier.

  • One Source – check with your outplacement office some subscribe to this, it is a great tool some libraries may also subscribe
  • Reference USA – similar to above most libraries do subscribe to this
  • Info USA limited free access available at www.infousa.com
  • Hoovers – subscription required but limited free access is available at www.hoovers.com
  • LinkedIn allows you to search what companies are represented in your profile
  • Your chamber of commerce
  • Village or town government web sites
  • Professional organizations like the American Marketing Association
  • Network groups
  • Observation – keep a pad and pen handy and when you walk or drive by a building take note of who occupies it

Many of the sources listed above provide a robust search and filter feature allowing you to search and sort by just about any criteria you can imagine such as:

  • SIC code
  • NAICS code
  • Employee size
  • Revenue
  • Sales
  • Location
  • Industry
  • Product

If you have not used these tools make sure you take advantage of them, they can help provide clarity to your search, educate your network contacts on what specifically you are looking for and save valuable time.

Until next week….


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