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Tying Up Loose Ends May 26, 2009

Posted by robewanow in Job Search, Work.
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I’ve accepted a position with Retrotech as the Business Development Manager and will start my new assignment June 1.  This position was 7-8 weeks in the making; my first interaction with my new boss was in mid February and comes 5 months after being notified of my layoff at Garlock.

Along the way there were a few ups and downs and some detours but in the end persistence paid off as I received an offer which met my expectations and provides me with a great opportunity for future growth and development. As always I am convinced things happen for a reason, for if I was still with Garlock this growth opportunity would never have presented itself.

The moral of the story is this when you are looking for your next opportunity develop a plan, select the proper tactics to implement that plan such as networking, target company list, etc then follow that plan relentlessly.

At the outset I targeted small to mid-sized companies with 150 or fewer employees in the Victor area, later expanding to within 25 miles of my home.  I set a target of meeting with 8 people a week of which I achieved that target 95% of the time.

Retrotech employs less than 100 employees and is located in Victor, 3 miles from my home.  The opportunity came about via networking, no position was advertised and the job responsibilities were loosely defined.  Through the process I was able to help provide direction regarding the job responsibilities and other key aspects of the job.

Originally I had planned to migrate my blog to other topics once I landed but I have decided to continue the course.  I’ve had many people express thanks and gratitude for the advice and motivation so I will continue, it is my way of paying it forward.

Topics for future posts may not be as easy for me to develop since I will not be immersed in the search so I pose the following to you.

What job search topics would you like me to address?

Until next week…


1. ciphun - May 26, 2009

Congratulations on finding employment. I know it is very rough, and it has been for me for the last 7 months. I wish you the best of luck in your new position!

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