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How to Leverage Networking Groups October 27, 2016

Posted by robewanow in Job Search.
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With a summer a distant memory and winter fast approaching many professional groups will start to ramp up their event schedule.  You will begin to see more opportunities for training, educational presentations, round table discussions general meetings and before you know it holiday gatherings and celebrations.

What is the one thing all of these events have in common?  They present a fantastic opportunity for networking!  Events like this are a great way to not only learn something new or enhance your current skill set but they are also a target-rich environment to grow your network.

Many times events like these are hosted by some type of professional organization like The American Marketing Association, Society for Human Resource Management or the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals.  Events like these can offer a sense of comfort since you will have an automatic “connection” with the others in attendance – you share the same career field and probably some of the same job related “challenges.”  This may not seem like much but it’s a natural and easy way to start a conversation with someone new.

Other events may be hosted by a networking group like PeerNet or The August Group and will most likely offer a large and diverse group of people covering a wide array of industries along with people in every stage of their career from those just starting out to those who are more experienced.

No matter which type of event you happen to attend (and you should try to attend a good blend of each) here are some things to keep in mind courtesy of a great article from The Ladders.  Check it out and let me know what you think.

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