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About Me

This blog is a way for me to express my opinions, help others and offer a bit of therapy by sometimes venting on a specific topic.  Originally started as a way to keep connected with my ever growing professional network it has evolved into a way to share information and learn from others.

I hope you enjoy reading it and share your opinions as well.



1. peggy brown - January 23, 2009

Great idea Rob. I have been reinventing myself the last 20 years. I am a freelance horse trainer and riding instructor so my income comes from other peoples discretionary money. When the economy takes a downturn so does my buisness.
The single best piece of wisdom I carry w/ me is everything creates its own vacum and somthing has to fill it. I try to find the way to fill it and keep my income coming. Often times I have to recreate my strengths and talents to fit the opportunities that present themselves. Look in to everything that interests you, even if it doesn’t fit, you have expanded your knowledge and contact base and can continue to evolve. Good luck Peggy Brown

2. 2010 in review « Robewanow’s Weblog - January 2, 2011

[…] About Me […]

3. Geoffrey Hale - March 14, 2014

Did you ever write that article on NRM tools? Would love to know if you’ve found a good one. Please contact me.

robewanow - March 16, 2014

Yes I did and it should be tagged on my blog as network relationship management tools I think I did two articles maybe three

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