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Keep it Warm for Improved Results January 26, 2012

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Whether you are searching for a job or looking for customers, warm referrals are a goldmine.  Nothing help builds credibility and open the door to a productive conversation easier than saying “Joe Smith suggested I contact you.”

Here is a real live story of how this works.

Before I started at Gleason I had one week off so I decided to make some sales calls in support of my business venture Photo Booth Fun.   I had an early morning appointment with the General Manager of a local golf course/country club, a friend of mine.  After the discussion of how we might work together concluded I natrually asked who else he would suggest I contact.

He gave me a couple names and I was off to some other appointments.

The next day I was driving by the club my friend recommended, so I decided to stop by.  Note this was a “cold” call as I had no appointment which in a sales situation is ok but NEVER in a networking situation.  For networking you should always reach out via phone or email first and set up an appointment.

As I entered the clubhouse I could hear the general manager “Steve” on the phone.  Once he hung up I poked my head into his office and said “hi Steve, my name is Rob Ewanow and I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself.”  He quickly looked up from his desk with a look of who the heck are you and why are you here,  until I continued “General Manager Jim gave me your name and said I should contact you.”

Talk about a 180!!  I was invited to sit down and talk becuase General Manager Jim is a good guy, he wanted me to tell him I said hi.  Suddenly an opportunity was before me.  Needless to say at the end of our conversation I had an invitation to participate in a bridal show he was planning at the club, which I propmtly accepted.

Would I have got this opportunity without the warm referral?  I will never know for sure but one thing I can tell you is the referral instantly changed his attitude and body language.

Make sure you are getting as many warm referrals as you can, they make networking for any reason much more efficient, profitable and less stressful.

Until next week….


Man About Town June 2, 2011

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RWE Marketing (mymarketing coaching business) is less than a year old, still in the growth phase while I continue to work full time during the day as a means to pay those  pesky things which come in the mail – AKA – bills.

One of the key tactics for me to grow my client list is through networking and referrals.  These are the exact same tactics I used as when I was looking for work.

At times it can be pretty easy to get caught up at a networking event and see how many new people you can meet, but that’s not the goal of the game.  The goal is to meet the right people and then determine if you should further that relationship for mutual benefit.  Unfortunately not everyone you meet will fit this profile.  That’s ok, persistence is the key.

Here are a couple of guidelines I try to follow


  1. Take a few notes on the back of your new contacts card, note the name and date of the event where you met and what you discussed or promised to do.
  2. Do a little additional research via LinkedIn on your new contact to determine how you could help them, send a brief follow up/nice to meet you email, reach out and offer to connect if appropriate. Try to do this within 24-48 hours after you meet.
  3. If appropriate, make an appointment with your new contact in order to nurture the relationship so that it benefits you both.

Do these steps sound familiar?  They are the same basic steps I discussed in my relationship marketing post  last week.   Amazing how marketing influences so many different facets of our lives.

By the way, next week I will be at the following networking events.  If you are going to be there let me know and we can connect.

Tuesday, June 7
Digital Rochester Speed Networking
Penfield Country Club
Register Here

Thursday June 9
Rochester Business Alliance After Hours Networking
Irondequoit Country Club
Register Here

Until next week….

A Job Search Reviewed Part 2 June 25, 2009

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Continuing from last week….

So I walk out of Cole and Parks and begin to head home which is just around the corner pondering what just transpired and what I am going to do to get it fixed.

When I get home I decide to actually open the workbook I got through my outplacement company and review the section on marketing plans.  It contains some great information and I begin to draft mine.  In case you are asking, a marketing plan for your job search is a concise one page document which outlines the following information:

A brief (2-4 sentence) professional summary which succinctly states your your value proposition.  Here is what I used:

B2B Marketing Professional with over 15 years experience in various marketing roles ranging from strategic global positions to hands-on tactical marketing and marketing operations management for both Fortune 500 corporations, and small privately held companies.

Specializing in bringing order to chaos, developing a comprehensive strategy and implementing a systematic approach to achieving solid results for the financial, health care and manufacturing industries.

Next came a listing of my areas of expertise followed by my significant accomplishments (with metrics) and finally the target positions I desired along with the companies I was targeting (of course Retrotech was on it).

I consistently received compliments on my marketing plan and how I introduced it into the conversation.  Many told me it gave them a great frame of reference for what I did and what I want to do next. The latter being a key ingredient to the job search and the reason for fighting for every face-to-face meeting you can possibly get.  It was a great way to focus the conversation and make the most of any meeting I had.

I found the marketing plan or networking profile as I called it was welcomed by everyone I spoke with; sometimes they would confuse it for my resume at which point I would explain the difference.  I would explain to them that this document provided both me and them with focus and clarity while at the same time being a less intimidating item.  If you ever noticed during a networking meeting  some people get uncomfortable when you hand them your resume as they feel like you are implicitly asking them for a job.  A networking profile diffuses this situation nicely and puts all parties at ease.

I got the feeling from a number of people I met with that the use of a marketing plan is not a common practice.  Many job seekers still tote their resume around and hand it out at every chance instead of handing out their marketing or profile.

Are you one of these people?

Coming next week one-on-one meetings, group meetings, and sponsored events what was the best mix for me?

Find out in A Job Search Reviewed Part 3.

Until next week…