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Super Bowl Bust February 6, 2014

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After watching the disappointing Super Bowl this weekend I got to thinking how can I relate this to the job search?

Here you truly had the two best teams. Seattle #1 on defense versus Denver #1 on offense. Both teams played well all year, Manning set records along the way.

When it came down to it though it was obvious one team “came to play” while the other “just showed up.” Maybe it was nerves? Lack of concentration? The other team was just better that day? Who knows what contributed to such a poor performance.

See where I am going with this?

Your goal during your job search is to get an interview which ultimately leads to a new gig. (A championship) Along the way you network, email, make phone calls, follow up relentlessly. You play well, stay focused maybe you set records along the way too. (Significant accomplishments at previous employers)

Finally you get the call, you made it to the “Big Game.” (Interview) Now what do you do? Do you “come to play” (Prepare) or do you “just show up?” (Wing it) The difference can mean hoisting the equivalent of the Lombardi Trophy – a Job Offer or walking away with nothing at all to show for all your hard work.

Your new mantra should be “I came to play.”

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Who Will Win The Super Bowl? January 22, 2009

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Take my unscientific poll just for the heck of it.

Robs Super Bowl Survey

Hockey Tryouts and HDTV, the Saga Continues April 28, 2008

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Matthew has found a new home for the 2008-2009 youth hockey season.  He earned a roster spot on the Perinton Youth Hockey AA Bantam Major team playing for a former coach from two years ago.  He knows 5 kids on the team and is looking forward to the year ahead.  Everyone involved is glad this sometimes trying experience is completed.

I can now say HDTV Rocks!!  Upgraded both my tv and the satellite service last week and the difference is amazing, more than I ever thought it would be.

One unknown side effect of having HDTV is that you watch more of the Discovery Channel than you ever thought possible.  While there are other stations which broadcast in HD, shows on the Discovery Channel lend themselves to taking full advantage of the benefits of HD; many outdoor shows like Survivor Man, The Deadliest Catch or Some Assembly Required. Truly a dfferent experience and if having HD gets the kids (and me) to watch more diverse and educational  programming then so be it.

Hockey Try-Outs, the Stanley Cup and HD, Oh My! April 25, 2008

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Today is a BIG day.

  1. Matthews hockey tryouts begin anew tonight as he is trying to make a local AA team. This is with a different organization than he played for last year. Many kids from this team left so they have quite a few spots open. The coach is new to the team but familiar to Matthew as he has played for him before. By late Saturday afternoon he will know what his next steps are.
  2. The Stanley Cup playoffs (NHL) continue tonight. Last night was a split decision for me one of the teams I am rooting for won and the other lost. Tonight is the night though as my #1 team the New York Rangers face off against the Pittsburgh Penguins in what looks to be a long and exciting series. Even though I will be at the rink watching Matthews tryout tonight (it runs from 8:30-10:00 UGH) I will make sure to have a good seat at the bar so I can watch his stuff and the Rangers at the same time.
  3. The final big thing for today is. I have finally decided to join the 21st century and get HD television. A technician from DirecTV is here as I type getting all the appropriate hardware installed and calibrated. I cannot wait.!!! Hockey, Soccer and Football in HD, it will be fantastic. Especially since the hockey playoffs are in full swing now. If you can believe this, Nanette has wanted to get HD for a longer time than me. She had to convince me to get the new TV and get moving. Now I am like a child on Christmas Eve.

A Tale of Two Sports April 13, 2008

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Both of my children play sports. Matthew is a travel hockey player having been on skates since he was 3. Caleigh has played travel soccer for 3 years now. This weekend I had the chance to interact with both of their teams, parents and coaches.

Matthew recently completed his 2007-2008 hockey season. This was his first season playing at the AAA level which is the highest for youth hockey. The season was not as successful as the coach had hoped but the boys had fun and built some good friendships.

This is the time of year that all hockey parents hate – try outs for the 2008-2009 season. Yes, they do tryouts now and will be back on the ice once a week in late June. At our season ending party the coach indicated that their would be some “changes with the makeup of the team”. This is a nice way of saying some of you may not be returning with the team next year. Well after four days of try outs Matthew found out he will not be part of this team. I had prepared him for this possibility so he did not take it as hard. The one thing he said he will miss most is one of his defense partners, they became good friends. The good thing is they live 10 minutes away so the boys will still get together and skate and do other things. If fact I am taking them to a hockey game tonight.

The unfortunate part in all this is that Matthew really admired his coach and gave him everything he had. This coach prided himself on the fact that the boys show respect to each other and to their opponents on and off the ice. When it came time to deliver the news to each player whether they had made team past practice at this organization was to tell those not offered a position the news face-to-face in a private setting. This year Matthews coach decided not to do that, instead opting to use a form letter in a sealed envelop which needed to be opened in the car. You can argue this is good as it spares some potential embarassment of walking out past your peers but all one had to do is see who drove away or who stayed behind to meet with the coach and sign the required paperwork.

Arguing which way is best aside for the moment, the point I am trying to make is that this shows a lack of respect for the player who gave his coach all he had all year long. For a coach who preached respect, teamwork etc all year long to inform his players in this way is unacceptable and one which shocked and disappointed not only me but many other parents on the team even those who’s sons made the team. This is the ugly side of youth sports and unfortunately every sport seems to suffer from this.

Some good news did transpire. As I mentioned above my daughter Caleigh plays soccer. This Saturday neither coach was able to attend practice due to previous committments. The manager asked if there were any parents willing to volunteer. I and another dad offered to help and we ran practice Saturday.

Due to spring break attendance was low, slightly less than half the team was able to show up but no worries we would forge ahead. We had a 60 minute practice where we did a couple drills on passing, shooting and ball control. We then let them scrimmage for a while so they could work on game situation tactics. The girls were a bit listless for 9:00am so I asked what the problem was and I got all sorts of creative excuses like its too early, its spring break, its Saturday. Jokingly I said what will you say on game day its Thursday, its too sunny, or the grass is green! They thought I was crazy but I think they got my humor.

The girls asked if they could switch the scrimmage to s different format called “world cup” which is a game within a game. We said if they gave 3 minutes of hard effort for this part of practice that we would do it. Well they responded and after a brief water break it was world cup time until the end of our field time.

Walking off the field the girls were laughing and joking with one another. I asked if anyone was going anywhere sunny for the Spring break and all present were staying in town. One remarked they were going somewhere sunny but not until August. You gotta love 10 and 11 year olds.

A tale of two sports it was, more hockey tryouts to follow.