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Holiday Networking Galore December 1, 2016

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red-christmas-ball-in-snow-1386092658qdjWith the start of the holiday season comes a bevy of opportunities to network with more people than ever, spread the word of what you are looking for in your next opportunity and set up those all important face-to-face meetings. You will find that people are naturally more giving during the holiday season so your hit rate for these meetings should be higher which translates into more meetings for you, leading you one step closer on your journey to your final destination.

There are sure to be gatherings of all sorts for you to take advantage of, many of them free or low-cost. Consider this potential list.

  1. Professional Organizations you may belong to.  Make sure you check their website to get all the details.
  2. Organizations such as Digital Rochester. Festivus takes place next week! The August Group/VPNG holiday party is December 20!  Register Here.
  3. Neighbors and neighborhood associations.   If you live in a condo or town house contact your association president and find out if they are planning anything.  If not offer to plan it yourself, this alone could provide you with a wealth of contacts and help others at the same time.
  4. Volunteer.  Local soup kitchens tend to get a little busier this year give them a call and see how you can help.
  5. Check with your local church regarding giving trees, food baskets, etc offer to coordinate.
  6. Ring bells for the Salvation Army.
  7. Corporate parties.  If your spouse is employed make sure you plan to attend any office gathering that is open to you.
  8. Social/Service organizations you belong to like Lions Club, Rotary, etc

Until next time….


The Fear of the Entrepreneur in You August 4, 2011

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I read an interesting post today in The Business Review” which said New York State ranked No. 1 for entrepreneurial activity.  The methodology behind the ranking was not disclosed so you should take this with a grain of salt.  Never-the-less good news like this should always be shared, which I promptly did via a LinkedIn status update.  If you are interested in this short article then click here to read it.

So this begs the question, have you ever thought of starting your own business?  If so what’s holding you back and what can you do to overcome that hurdle?

Money is always an issue but setting that aside, what’s the real reason?

Most likely its fear.  Fear of failure or fear that you don’t know where to start or even how to start.    Let me address those two fears right now.

Fear of failure this is a hard one but I ran across a quote on Twitter sometime ago which sums it up perfectly:

Fear is like a bully. It will intimidate you if you let it. The moment you challenge it, though, it backs down & slinks away.  You need to objectively confront your fear and do whatever is reasonable to overcome it.  If you truly have a desire to start something on your own then you’ll find a way to do this.  If you can’t then no worries at least you know you tried and running your own gig is not what you want.

Fear of how to start.  There are a ton of resources out there.  My initial inspiration came from Entrepreneur Magazine.  Each month it has great articles on a variety of topics many of which apply even if you are working for someone else.  They always have information related to the hottest trends, real life stories of success and information on franchise opportunities and other business opportunities.  The online version of the magazine is also great resource offering a number of different free newsletters.  Their Twitter feed @EntMagazine is a good one to follow.

SmartBrief offers a variety of online newsletters related to small business as well.  I would suggest checking out:

  1. SmartBrief on Entrepreneurs
  2. SmartBrief on Leadership
  3. NFIB SmartBrief (NFIB = National Federation of Independent Business)

If you are further down the line and need insight related to legal, marketing or accounting matters check out:

  1. Lawyers.com
  2. Nolo.com
  3. SCORE
  4. Startup Nation
  5. Google – just enter your question into the search bar, I guarantee you will get an answer.

I’ve used most of these resources and continue to use them as I get my Marketing Coaching business off the ground.  There is a ton of information out there, so just start poking around.  Oh, don’t forget those in your LinkedIn network.  I am sure there are more than a few people who would be willing and able to help you out either directly or through a referral.

So overcome that fear, do some digging and start moving.

What are you waiting for?

Until next week….